Always we are very grateful and proud of our international volunteers who give their precious time to help us in various ways. 

When we receive a volunteer its far more than having someone with us in the house working together but we become family and we live for one another. The team that we build up with our volunteers at SAVO makes the most memorable time in our lives. 


We exchange love, care and so much more which leaves us tied up together, and the saddest moment remains the day when we have to say goodbye to our brothers and sisters as they have to return to their home countries. We always miss them as they miss us too. 


SAVO Volunteer program shares the cultural values, social beings and work experiences which makes our place the best place for a volunteer choice anyone could make.




My experience in SAVO house

My name is Alina (23 years old) from Germany. In February 2017 I went to Uganda to do some Volunteer Work with the main focus on child care. My organisation (Volunteering Solutions) chose two different projects for me, I was supposed to join both for two weeks. In the second project I worked in was located close to Masaka, in a small village called Misaali. Upon a hill there you can find a small house with lots of children inside – SAVO House. I got introduced to the children, house mothers, the care taker and the nurse Evalyn who also was my first contact person. Since the first moment I came here I felt welcomed by everyone.

In the first days, I started with falling sick, probably because of some bad fruits I had on my travel from Kampala to Masaka, but Moses and Evalyn immediately took care of me right from the beginning on. The doctor of SAVO House, Doctor Joseph, checked my condition, Evalyn took my blood and Moses, Evalyn and I went to get the medicine. Although I have really been feeling bad I couldn’t have wished for a better place to fall ill. Soon I got better and my time at SAVO House could fully begin.

My job was to look after the children, but as all the children were at the school during the day Evalyn and I made up a plan for the days. We visited all the different schools the children are going to. The most interesting place was the school of one of their oldest kids, Viola. She studies hairdressing at a boarding school so it was my first time to meet her at the school as she doesn’t live at SAVO House. Same as all the other kids at the house she was really happy to get to know to me and it was also really interesting for me to see how she lives as I myself have never been to a Boarding School.

The life at SAVO House is totally different from what I know from home, especially when it comes to the sanitary facilities, it was my first time living without a shower and a flush-toilet. Both of these matters can be overcome without any problems, but still I was really happy that one of the kids explained me how they exactly wash the full body here. Cooking over a fire and having more or less the same food everyday are two other things that are new to me, but I think as a western girl with the luxury of being able to choose whatever I want to eat as well as showering or even bathing everyday this is a great way of understanding how much of an privilege it is to live in the western world. The kids never complained about anything here and ate everything without exception.

It is funny to see how some of them take a longer time to adapt to new, I think especially white, people in their environment. There were some kids who immediately got into contact to me and others were always scared when I tried talking to them. For them it seems to be just really interesting how I look, starting from the colour of my skin, my veins showing as blue lines through it and also the texture of my hair. It’s lovely to see how much the people of Uganda much are fascinated with white people in general.

My time at the SAVO House passed really quickly and I would have liked to stay longer. The house is full of joy and happiness. Moses managed to give those children a beautiful home and with that a loving family, which they never would experience with their relatives. Moses and Evalyn told me some of the kids’ stories and I was shocked by what these children had to experience through in their life before the came to SAVO house but I was also impressed by how they are still so happy at the house. I think this is partly due to the nature of Ugandan people, who are always sharing and loving although having nothing, but mostly due to the way Moses built up this house and how he treats every single one of them.

I am very grateful for my time at SAVO House and I am hoping to come back any time soon. Thank you so much for everything!