It was unbearable situation that children live on streets, lots of suffering to the human kind and really we couldn't avoid weeping sorrow.
"We took these photos yesterday (Jul 22) at 9:40 pm, but very few children were already under this container for sleeping.
We woke up them and asked them if they were the only ones and they said... NO.
We asked them where was the others and they said they are still on different streets looking for something to eat, and that most of them always sleep at mid-night. They added that they are many but didn't tell the exact numbers as none seemed be able to make counts.
These children also told us that they have been joined by two new girls sleeping with them under that container but we didn't get the chance to see them as they were also not yet back at their nest.
During our street visit done the week of 4th - 8th July, we had covered a lot but we didn't visit the places where these children sleep because we thought they slept on verandas after traders close their businesses as the old information many people have, but we were always wrong because only a few and or say the new ones on streets are sleeping on the verandas." by Mutyaba Moses

By the time when the camera came we had finished our one week street visiting.
Although we knew that the problem was enormous but not considerably to that much we saw. Almost everyday there is a new child joining street life in Nyendo but this is not because these children are better on streets but because they have no where to live, not cared for and not loved. This is very painful. 
Our findings proves that children are having tougher situations on streets, they cry to have home. They live hungry for days.. and needs great mercy upon them. They need help.
SAVO we are willing to care for these children, we want to stay with them every day giving themlove and care but we don't have a good home.
The problem of street children is mainly caused by 3 significant reasons:
1. Child abuse in homes and society.
2. Excessive poverty in families
3. Orphanage
Orphanage: After the death of their parents other relatives intervene to care for these children and after a short time, these care takers sell all the property heritage for these children, mistreat them and create a very difficult situation for them until these children fails and run away from these homes to streets.
Currently SAVO does not have enough support, and facilities to give full care for these children although we love to do it.
At our previous street visiting we met thirteen street children, although the number is estimated more than 100 on both streets of Nyendo and Masaka of both genders.
SAVO only managed to take off street 3 children  (resettled). But when we went in the homes where they run from; the situation is very bad and we are not sure whether these children won't come back on streets.