What we do

The Mission of this organization is to bolster children's ability to deal with stress or unhealthy environment through working with communities focusing on areas of prevention, care, support and mitigation, capacity building so as to strike the balance between stressful life events and favorable protective factors


Core Values

Love, integrity, respect for diversity excellence, continuous learning, gender, accountability, empowerment and child participation



1.) To provide voluntary services to children and their communities

2.) To provide children and their communities with adequate health services

3.) To provide children with an adequate schooling education

4.) To develop the talents and employable skills of the children, including sporting, performing arts, and other non-formal skills (e.g. trade skills as they are still young)

5.) To offer special support for significantly underprivileged but talented children

6.) To implement poverty reduction initiatives, especially in poor    communities

7.) To implement health improvement initiatives, especially in poor communities

8.) To educate the children and their communities particularly in HIV / AIDS, in order to reduce its incidence in the community.

9.) To help communities develop their various resources

10.) To provide inter-cultural exchange between international volunteers and the Ugandan children, youth and their communities.